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MOT3-2529 Change baudrate fails when drives has wrong serial number

MOT3-2513 Comkit dictionary has a different revision number than the released version

MOT3-2512 Store all thread calls a non existant signal

MOT3-2510 Unhandled exception when identifying a canopen drive that cannot read the firmware version

MOT3-2495 The installer does not remove ingenialink folder properly in some cases


MOT3-2430 Ingeniawizards Improvements for 0.8.0

MOT3-2524 Update Ingenialink to 6.2.2

MOT3-2437 Velocity tuning, simulation and verification wizards API has been modified.

MOT3-2436 Copy Velocity Verification Advanced options from Velocity Identificaiton

MOT3-2435 Update Vel. Freq. Design plot colors like in Electrical tuning

MOT3-2434 In Vel. Freq. Design, add 3rd trace in plot "Drive Saved Closed Loop"

MOT3-2433 In Vel. Freq. Design, add open-loop tab

MOT3-2432 In Vel. Freq. Design tab add button Save to the drive

MOT3-2431 Refactor Vel. Freq. Design tab

New Feature

MOT3-2526 Add new Velocity Identification and Verification mode: CHIRP


MOT3-2451 Modify control and Display of Vel. Freq. Design

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