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This is the final step of the configuration Wizard, so if you have not skipped any step, congratulations on finishing the basic configuration process. In this final window, MotionLab3 allows you to perform several operations regarding the configuration and firmware of the drive with the Inspector widget (green boxes below).

The operations available are the following:

  • Load all→ allows loading already saved configuration files into the drive. This loading is not on the NVM so make sure to store them afterward or the configuration will be lost after power cycling the drive.
  • Save all → allows saving the current configuration stored in the NVM. Remember that all the changes that have been done during the whole configuration Wizard are only temporary and, unless you store them, they will be lost after power cycling the drive.
  • Store all → store all the current changes on the NVM of the drive so that these can be kept after power cycling the drive.
  • Restore all → restore the drive's parameters to the factory default ones.
  • Load Product FW → this will open the Bootloader firmware updater so that you can update the firmware in your drive.
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