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The terminal is a widget that is used for two different purposes:

  1. To report all that is happening when you perform a test inside the Wizard.

  2. To run Python commands, especially to communicate and control the drive using the ingeniamotion library.

The next sections explain these two use cases in detail. 

Showing Wizard's test results 

The terminal is a widget that reports all that is happening when you perform a test inside the Wizard. Every time that you click a button with "Test" on it, it will open the Terminal widget at the bottom of your screen (see green rectangle below) and it will report a description of all the steps that the test is running. This is done for 2 main reasons:

  • To give full visibility of the steps that the test is running

  • To understand easily the source of the problem if a particular test fails


Running Python commands with the terminal 

The terminal can also be used as a Python command prompt to run commands or short scripts. To open the terminal click on the following button in the toolbar:

Then the terminal opens, and a Python console starts:

Using command prompts to interact with the drive

Ingeniamotion is an open-source Python library used to facilitate the interaction with the Novanta Servo drives. The use of the library is optional, but if you would like to use it, you can find the detailed documentation here: Welcome to ingeniamotion’s documentation! — ingeniamotion 0.7.0 documentation (

Once a drive is connected, the mc (MotionController) object can be used to call ingeniamotion functions.

For example, enabling the motor can be done by calling an ingeniamotion function in the motion namespace:


When opening the functions' parenthesis a short documentation is shown.

Note that the arguments and outputs of the function are shown along with a short description.

For complete documentation of all functions and to get to know ingeniamotion, please refer to the library's documentation page

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