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CANopen objects

In the CANopen protocol, there are defined three main sets of objects, organized in profile areas, :

  • Communication profile area (0x1000 to 0x1FFF): These objects relate to CANopen communication, as defined in the DS301 communication profile. Objects in this address range are used to configure CANopen messages, and for general CANopen network setting.
  • Manufacturer profile area (0x2000 to 0x5FFF): These objects are manufacturer specific. Detailed information about the specific objects implemented in EMCL can be found all through this document.
  • Device profile area (0x6000 to 0x9FFF): These objects are standardized device profile objects as defined in the DSP402 profile, which is the CANopen profile for servo drives.

This chapter is focused on the Communication profile area. DS301 defines special objects for the communication profile, responsible of managing system elements related to CANopen communications.

CANopen interfaces

This chapter presentation is based on the CAN interface. Other interfaces like EtherCAT or USB make use of part of this dictionary for their configuration. More information about the use of other interfaces can be found in this section.

Communication objects

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