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Commutation Feedbacks

EMCL supports a subset of position feedbacks that are used for commutation for BLDC and BLAC motors. These sensors return the angle position of the rotor. From a commutation point of view, some feedbacks act like incremental sensor and other like absolute sensors. Therefore each feedback has its particularities in order to be used as commutation sensor.

EMCL supports four method for the initial angle determination:

  • Forced alignment method. It consists of an initial motion sequence where the EMCL locates the position of the rotor. This method is used by the incremental commutation sensors: 
    • Quadrature digital encoder
    • SinCos encoder
    • Analog input
    • PWM input
  • Initial rotor position known. This method is used when the initial rotor position is known each time the system is powered up or reconfigured.
  • Non incremental sensor used. Some sensors are considered absolute from the commutation point of view. Each of this sensors have their own configuration in order to get proper commutation:
    • Resolver
    • Linear halls

Related registers

0x2305 - Commutation

0x2306 - Forced alignment method

0x2307 - Known alignment method

0x2308 - Non-incremental alignment

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