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Version 2.4.9


  • [EMCL-1042] - Set brake bit of Digital output register does not work.
  • [EMCL-1052] - Register 0x603F is not updated through PDO messages.
  • [EMCL-1069] - Node ID is not saved in EtherCAT version.
  • [EMCL-1081] - The maximum temperature value is not consistent.


  • [EMCL-1086] - Apply EtherCAT enhanced watchdog to all ECAT errors.
  • [EMCL-1093] - Analyse & implement a method to enable the PWM inputs measurements.

New brake operation modes

Brake now can be operated in manual or automatic mode according to 0x2A05 - Brake options. When manual mode is selected the user takes control of the brake by using 0x60FE - Digital outputs register, but if automatic mode is selected, the drive will completely control the brake's output state.

New GPI functionality (PWM capture)

High Speed GPI (HSGPI) can now operate in PWM capture mode, this allows to measure the period and duty cycle of PWM signals at these inputs. It can be configured using 0x2A10 - GPI mapping parameter.

This function must be enabled only when PWM command source or/and feedback is selected, or an application (e.g. done with macros)  requires the reading of a PWM signal.

PWM capture function must be disable if a high frequency signal is injected into HSGPI pins, for example if the application uses step & direction command source

Enhanced watchdog for EtherCAT drives

New register 0x2002 - EtherCAT watchdog filter is now available.

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