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Torque control

This view shows the related torque control blocks and allows to manually configure the values of the torque control schema.

Some of the parameters are defined in the limits and thresholds sections and are only shown in this view informatively.

The following parameters can be configured in this view:

Torque offset

Indicates the offset for the torque value used in all modes (Profiled velocity, profiled position, etc.). The torque offset could be useful to compensate systems with constant loads like vertical mounted systems or springs.

Low pass filterThe filter is a first order low pass filter in which the cutoff frequency (the frequency where the output is attenuated 3 dB) is configurable. It is situated before the torque loop. This filter is useful in applications with high noise in the current readings or for low inductance motors. Click on the switch to enable or disable the filter.

The implement filter for the torque control loop is a parallel PI.

Torque Control Loop

Parameters of the control loop are as follow:

Proportional gainProportional constant
Integral gainIntegral constant
Constant scaling

Internal scaling for the proportional and integral gains

Cutoff frequency

Indicates the desired cutoff frequency for the low pass filter.

Click on the Tune button to open the tuning tool recommend to set those values.

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