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Firmware update through FTP

In this article, we will explain how to update the firmware through FTP of your Everest drive .

Firmware updates and configuration in the drive

This process applies only to the Everest drives

Firmware updates and configuration in the drive

Updating the firmware of your drive does not delete the configuration stored with it, so you can resume your testing without having to repeat any previous configuration step.

Firmware update through FTP

FTP bootloader firmware updater

This section applies to update a firmware version starting from a drive that has a CANopen firmware in it. In this case, you can either update to a newer/older CANopen firmware version or to an EtherCAT firmware version.

In order to do that, the first step is to connect to your Everest in MotionLab3. If you do not know how to do this, please refer to the following link: Example of a basic connection to a drive

Now, before we get started, please make sure that you have the public firewall of your computer deactivated. Otherwise, the firmware update procedure could fail in the middle of the process and get the drive to an unresponsive state. This unresponsive state can be overturned but it is simply better to not get there in the first place.

If you do not know how to turn down the Firewall of your computer, you can do it by following these steps:

  • First, access the Windows Defender Firewall
  • Then, click on the option on the left “Turn Windows Defender Firewall on or off”
  • Finally, for the “Public network settings”, select the option “Turn off Windows Defender Firewall” and then confirm by clicking OK

With this, the public firewall of the computer will be deactivated. If you need to have it active, then proceed with the firmware update and go back to revert these changes. If you have additional firewalls on your computer, you will have to deactivate those as well, so make sure to do it before attempting any update procedure.

Now, back to the MotionLab3 main window, the firmware update procedure can be done by clicking on the following: Tools\FTP Bootloader. This will open a pop-up window that will be showing the IP of the Everest connected to the software and a button that will allow you to browse the firmware file that you want to update the Everest with. Search the file, select it and then click on the “Load file” button in the “Bootloader FTP” pop-up window.

After that, wait until the status bar says that the “firmware has been updated” and do not power cycle the board until you get that message. 

Before clicking OK

Keep in mind, once clicked the Load button, the user must disconnect TwinCAT or any other active external masters. This is why MotionLab asks for this action before continuing.

In case of: 'Could not connect to the FTP'

In case the previous firmware loaded at Drive was EtherCAT, ML3 will achieve to set the Drive in Boot Mode but not to load the new firmware, the error message provided is 'Could not connect to the FTP'.

  1. Close the TwinCAT project.

  2. Restart TwinCAT System in bottom Windows menu, right-click in the TwinCAT icon → 'System' → 'Start/Restart'.

  3. Finally browse the '.sfu' file to load and click again to 'Load File'  button.

Once you get the message, you are ready to use your Everest drive with the updated firmware version.

When updating to EtherCAT

Take into account that when updating to EtherCAT, it is possible that the FTP Bootloader tool might be a "timeout occured during reboot" message after the firmware has been updated correctly. Do not get confused, this is normal (MotionLab3 is trying to ping the drive directly but with EtherCAT firmware this is not possible). In the same way, you cannot connect to the drive directly through MotionLab3 either and you need to use an EtherCAT master for it. Make sure to verify that the LEDs are showing accordingly to a EtherCAT firmware (you can know more about this here), and go connect through your EtherCAT master.

How do I recover my Everest drive from a failed firmware update?

If you firmware update procedure has failed and you are no longer able to scan the drive in MotionLab3, then it is most likely that the public firewall in your computer was not disabled and this caused the update process to crash. In this case, proceed to disable the public firewall and repeat the FTP bootloader directly (without the trying to connect to the drive) and you should get to recover the drive with the firmware version that you wanted to update in the first and without any configuration parameter being lost.

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