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General overview

Every time you open MotionLab3, you will get the following welcome window:

In this welcome window, we can separate 4 different regions with distinct overall functionalities:

  • General software tools (red rectangle above) → general tabs that allow configuring some of the most high-level tasks of the GUI
  • New project auto-configuration tools (orange rectangle above) → predefined autoconfiguration procedures that you can follow in order to get a fully functional drive and system at the end of it
  • Default workspaces (blue rectangle above) → tools used to manage workspaces, predefined spaces that you can use to work within the GUI
  • Tools/widgets (green rectangle above) → all the basic features that MotionLab3 has to help the configuration and testing process

General software features

  • File → tab that allows opening/saving workspaces
  • Tools → tab that allows configuring certain options regarding the communication interface used to interface the drives
  • Help → tab that contains the basic information regarding MotionLab3 as well as the release notes of the current software version so that you can see the latest features added and bugs solved

New project

  • Configure robotic axis joint with brushless motor and gearbox → predefined autoconfiguration procedure to configure your system
  • Configure exoskeleton axis joint with brushless motor → predefined autoconfiguration procedure to configure your system
  • Configure AGV wheel axis with brushless motor and digital halls → predefined autoconfiguration procedure to configure your system

Default workspaces 

  • Workspace → tab used to configure workspace options
  • Tune → workspaces designed to be used for manual tuning of the current/velocity/position loops
  • Jog → workspaces designed to perform movements in voltage/current/velocity/position/homing mode


  • Drive Explorer → shows the drives connected to the GUI and list all the registers available in its dictionary
  • Display → tool used to display the values of registers of the drive in real-time in a numerical graphical representation
  • Control → tool used to write the values of registers fo the drive in real-time
  • Scope → tool used to display the values of registers of the drive in real-time in different chart graphs
  • Signal Generator → 
  • Terminal → tool used to display the actions that certain automatic tools inside the GUI do
  • List of errors → History list of all the errors that the drive has reported since the drive has been connected to the GUI
  • Inspector → tool used to configure the overall configuration of other widgets/tools (Display, Control and Scope for example)

Additional buttons

  • Notification bell → tool that shows when newer MotionLab3 software versions are available to download and install
  • F12 button → button available all the time to stop any motion and disable the motor during an emergency situation
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