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This section is designed to input the basic data of your motor in the Control widget (green square in the picture below):

If you are interested in learning more about the parameters configured in this step, please refer to the firmware manual documentation: Motor and brake.

Parameters to configure:

  • Pole pairs →  number of pole pairs that your brushless motor has. If datasheets number of total poles, divide that number by 2. If using a brushed DC motor, this parameter is irrelevant.
  • Rated current →  rated current of your motor in A
  • Commutation modulation:
    • 0 or "Sinusoidal"→ sinusoidal commutation based on FOC (Brushless AC). Ideal when incremental encoder, SSI or BiSS-C is the commutation sensor.
    • 1 or "Trapezoidal" → trapezoidal commutation (Brushless DC). It can only be used when Digital halls are the commutation sensor.
    • 2 or "Single-phase" → for brushed DC commutation. 

Once these 3 parameters are set, you can proceed to the next step.

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