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Motion Controller

The motion controller module is the responsible of all the elements related to the motor driving. The implementation is DS402 standard compliant, and a block diagram of this module is depicted here:

The main modules are:

  • Motion module: Modes of operation, profiler, control functions and all parameters related to the motion are managed by this module.
  • Driver state machineThis module implements the motion controller state machine, as defined in the CiA402 document. Hence, it is responsible for enabling and disabling the motion module, the power stage, the brake, and other elements specified in the CiA402 standard.
  • Standalone module:  This module allows to perform EMCL functionalities without the need of a master. The operations to be performed and general application behavior are stored in NVM sections and can be called after booting up without the need of communication.
  • Input / outputs functions: This module includes all the functionalities that are outside the motion controller but offers useful tools for developing motion control applications . General purpose inputs and outputs, either analog or digital, monitoring signals and other functions are included in this module.
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