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In order to protect the driver from harsh or undesired environmental conditions, EMCL can monitorize and manage the embedded sensors and protections, keeping the system in the safest operation mode whenever an environmental abnormality is detected. In addition to the embedded protections, an external shunt can be deployed to aid the driver to dissipate the excess of energy received during application processing.

  • Bus overvoltage. User configurable.
  • Bus undervoltage. User configurable.
  • Over temperature. User configurable.
  • Under temperature. User configurable.
  • Motor Overload (i2t). User configurable.
  • Short-circuit detection. Phase-Gnd, Phase-DCbus, Phase-Phase.
  • Mechanical limits detection.
  • Hall sequence / combination error.
  • Encoder broken wire detection.

Related registers

0x2FFD - Maximum current range

0x2103 - Shunt configuration

0x6079 - DC link circuit voltage

0x2101 - Drive bus voltage

0x20C2 - Drive temperature  

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