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Position Temporal Design


In previous step a tuning in a frequency domain was performed, in this wizard you are going to make it in time domain. You will see how the bandwidth affects your system (control loop+plant) in real time.

Control widget

This widget has several subparts for this wizard:

  • Buttons for Tuning and Fault Reset enabling.

  • Velocity control loop parameters

  • Filters

Further information about these registers, click on here.


You can use this wizard to verify visually that the tuning is good.

In order to make a tuning in this wizard, click on the Enable button of the Tune in the Control widget.

You notice both charts start to show some information:

  • Chart above shows the actual position (blue) and the demand (red).

  • Chart below shows the velocity loop control command (green).

Notice the position set-point demand is set in the Signal Generator widget.

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