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Motion Controller Identification

Motion controller identification

The CANopen protocol offers the possibility of including different objects aimed at device identification and characterization. The presence of those objects help reducing response time in the event that further information about the driver capabilities or technical support are required.

Related objects

0x1000 - Device type

0x1008 - Manufacturer device name

0x1009 - Manufacturer hardware name

0x100A - Software version

0x1018 - Identity Object

0x2FFE - Drive name

0x6502 - Supported drive modes

0x6505 - HTTP drive catalogue address

SI (International System of Units) units

EMCL is able to store the units used during motor configuration and use them by default.

Related registers

0x60A8 - SI unit position

0x60A9 - SI unit velocity

0x60AA - SI unit acceleration

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