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A motor or engine is the device designed to convert from one form of energy, in this case electrical energy, to mechanical energy. Is at the core of the subsystem of actuators, being the only indispensable component. Adequate identification and parameterization of the motor characteristics is essential for achieving the desired motion features, and EMCL allows a high level of customization of motor features to achieve the highest levels of motor performance.

Motor types

EMCL is able to control a wide range of different motors. They are listed below:

  • Squirrel cage induction motor - (velocity mode only)
  • Stepper with microstepping capability
  • Rotary brushless AC (sinusoidal back-EMF) - (use sinusoidal currents)
  • Rotary brushless DC (trapezoidal back-EMF) - (use trapezoidal currents)
  • Rotary DC motor
  • Rotary voice coil
  • Linear brushless AC (sinusoidal back-EMF) - (use sinusoidal currents)
  • Linear brushless DC (trapezoidal back-EMF) - (use trapezoidal currents)
  • Linear voice coil
  • Linear DC motor

Motor type configuration can be achieved through the Motor type register.

Identification parameters

  • Motor pair poles
  • Stepper parameters
  • Motor parameters
  • Gear ratio
  • Motor type
  • Feed constant

Motion parameters

  • i2t parameters
  • Motor rated current
  • Motor rated torque
  • Max motor speed

Related objects

0x2301 - Motor pair poles

0x2700 - Stepper parameters

0x2701 - Motor parameters

0x6075 - Motor rated current

0x6076 - Motor rated torque

0x6080 - Max motor speed

0x6402 - Motor type

0x2301 - Motor pair poles

0x2361 - SMO Results

0x2600 - Current readings

0x2601 - Current d-q

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