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Profiler in profile velocity

The profile velocity profiler is implemented according to the following structure:

Velocity Profiler Structure

Actual velocity and motor speed are compared against its mechanical limits, to avoid damaging the mechanical parts for driving the actuator out of the allowed mechanical range. Target velocity, taking into account polarity, is limited by the system limits, and the internal target velocity is obtained. On the other hand, profile parameters such as acceleration/deceleration, both normal and quick-stop,are compared against their limits. At last, the actual velocity demand is calculated through the previous magnitudes.

Related objects

0x607F - Max profile velocity

0x6080 - Max motor speed

0x607E - Polarity

0x6083 - Profile acceleration

0x6084 - Profile deceleration

0x60C5 - Max acceleration

0x60C6 - Max deceleration

0x6085 - Quick stop deceleration

0x606B - Velocity demand value

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