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System limits

System limits prevent values for the target magnitude exceeding the allowed range to be even considered by the subsequent subsystems. They form a first line of defense of the motion controller and the actuator against target values that, to be reached, could potentially damage the drive or the actuator. Those values are inserted by the user during system configuration and define the range of operation of the motion controller.

You may click on any box on the diagram below to learn more about each of the registers related to system limits.

Related objects

0x60FF - Target velocity

0x607A - Target position

0x6071 - Target torque

0x60C5 - Max acceleration

0x60C6 - Max deceleration

0x607E - Polarity

0x607D - Software position limit

0x6073 - Max current

0x2506 - Max torque cte speed

0x60E0 - Positive torque limit value

0x60E1 - Negative torque limit value

0x2400 - System polarity

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